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We are Desmond & Vera, a husband and wife team who will be there to capture some of your most beautiful and epic moments! We have been married since 201 1, had 3 weddings (in diff erent continents), adventuring through life together , and share the passion of telling visual love stories. We are professional trained fi lmmakers (Ask us about our latest cinema fi lms). With over 24 international awards as storytellers ... We are inspired by scenic environments and wild fl owers, mysterious mountains and enchanting forests, classical paintings and black and white photographs, quiet parks and busy city streets. We are in love with rainfalls, snowfalls, waterfalls, deep blue oceans and shimmering rivers. We are captivated by travelling and discovering everchanging landscapes and everlasting traditions. Most of all we are inspired by you. Its an honour to be considered to capture your treasured moments, and I’m looking forward to getting to know you! -Desmond & Vera


Professional Photographer


Vera holds her Masters in linguistics from the prestigious Moscow State Linguistic University , post graduate in psychology and she has been involved in various film productions as well as author of the Tulbagh Earthquake book.

Desmond and Vera together spend their time dreaming up new stories, traveling, raising their children and renovating their home in the snowy forest of Frostburg. The Denton family has a big love for exploring history and culture. Together they have built homes in South Africa, Vietnam and the USA. For me filming a wedding is a big deal. I capture every wedding as if it is my first, my last and most important one. In short, I take a very detailed approach to filming and I am always on the lookout for better angles, creative ways and perfect lighting.


I believe that every bride deserves to be the star of her wedding. I strive to find a way to show just how gorgeous she looks and if she tells me that her left side looks better than her right, I take her word for granted and keep it top secret. What really inspires me about my work is the magic between two people in love. Their genuine connection to each other is perhaps never more evident than on the wedding day. I am really grateful to be a witness to their genuine emotions and I feel connected to the couples we have the privilege to shoot.


Desmond Denton is a film director and scriptwriter, who has garnered much
acclaim for his film work.

Desmond has received over 17 international awards,
including best-written script writer at Monaco International Film Festival, Best
Produced at CIFF and Best Feature film at Apollo International Festival. Desmond has represented South Africa and the WGSAas an author at international markets including London Screenwriter international festival, Cannes film market, and New York Story Expo, he was officially chosen as a Berlinale Talent and MOFILM
commercial film director.

Desmond Denton hails from Cape Town, South Africa. Being immersed in this
picturesque multicultural environment, Desmond has developed a strong interest
in telling the stories of authentic characters put to a test by unique


Since a young age, I had a strong fascination with explorers, discovering new worlds, where myths and legends were told from generation to generation and ancient rituals formed part of being. What I love about weddings is that I am invited to a very sacred event to tell the story of two worlds coming together. I step into the universe of two unique people and combine what I learn about them into a highly personal cinematic wedding film. For as long as I can remember I have always been in performance arts. From playing music in front of people to acting on stage and later producing my own feature films for cinema, there has always been something quite surreal about stepping out onto the stage, a live audience watching closely holding their breath at tense moments, shedding a tear during sad ones. It is a very special bond between artist and viewer… This same excitement and tension I feel when I hear how our artistic impression of your day brings back memories and even tears.